Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Pieter decided it was time for the cupola

Nice pattern

The hole is getting smaller

and smaller







... matter of taste ...


Максим said...

You are good fellows!
I build a dome too. I am from Belarus. Your dome has played the big role in creation of the project of my dome.
My LJ about my building: http://elvissoft.livejournal.com/
Sorry, it's on Russian... :)

Vivvie said...

Hi! I love your pictures! Very inspirational as my husband and I have had the dream for many years to build our own dome house.

One question though: What mountain range did you build in to get such beautiful views?? Are those the smoky mountains? We were looking in West Virginia trying to find a piece of land with views like that - stunning!

Good luck, and I look forward to seeing the finished pictures!

Erxs17 said...

I am in the process of purchasing a dome home in Wester NC, and was very inspired by your pictures. The dome I'm buying needs alot of work. I want to pull up the carpets in the rooms and put in wood, and the bathrooms need showers and new toilets etc, I was wondering if you could answer some questions like what wood flooring you used and how difficult was it to install? also on the shower you have upstairs. The dome has wood on the inside but I like the dry wall for the bedroom, how hard is that to do? Also do you know if you can go back and add skylights later on? Thank you