Saturday, September 17, 2005

Our Home

4/23/05 The beginning

First survey circle

5/29/05Both circles visible, in the middle will be the entrance

Foundation almost done, and we are waiting for the plumbing lines...

...the DOME arrived. That is the pile under the blue coverings. Pieter decided to renovate the old barn with his friend Loet

7/13/05 It's very hot and humid. Loet proud of hanging two garage doors!


In the mean time we laid the pipes for radiant heating


Finally, above the ground


Step 2


Step 3


Step 4


First dome structure seen from below


Step 5
First one is finished


now the second




Isn't it beautiful?

Morning mist

studs, studs...

...more studs

The Man

first plywood pentagon nailed down

how do I get down now...

first visitor

looking good

busy, busy, busy

The Woman

Ready for the roofer

view from the inside

our neighbors, John and Carol


studs again


almost done



perfect alignment

entry way...

... in progress


this is how it's done

9/18/2005 started on the second dome


first row done


second row, done


leaves start turning colors...,




last bit of raining cloud,


it is still raining there.

The Roofer is coming.........


this is going to be entrance


.....Jerome, the roofer


First window is in...


first triangle!!!


going fast,


I hope we can keep up with his tempo.


3 rows of plywood done.


back side, the openings are for glass doors and windows.


roof going up, plywood to.

sad looking "eyes"


another sunset

While Jerome working on the flat roof...

...we have to finish the big dome

first the extensions, (o so cold and windy)

next the window framing,

done in two days,

and the last row of the plywood (4pics)




want to play?

I am pretty, o so pretty....

Wow, it is high!

The last triangle on the small dome


now some skylights

First pipe for the cupola...

and first strut...


the roof beams

it looks like the birds came to look as well (the black specks in the sky)

all the struts and the studs are in place

plywood in. Jerome could not wait to make the "run" to the top

This picture is for my sister Ela, who is complaining that there are too many pictures of the details.


Entrance to the smaller dome

Once we finished the extensions and cupola Jerome was like tornado,
before we knew it, it was time to say goodbyes.
Jerome, we miss you already.
Right now we have lots of rain so your work is put to the test immediately. :)))

She is really keeping eye on us ;))))

Couple of windows...




done, almost...

simply enchanted

last quarter

almost there...

WOW! this is having roof above your head!

The First SNOW!

This concludes the outside part of the domes.
We will be working inside if the temperature is not below the freezing point.
I am giving up the current posting format. From now on I will post the regular way, that is the newest pictures on top in separate postings.


diva said...

this is really very interesting. waiting to see more progress. good luck and congratulations!

Anonymous said...

dear pieter and jolanta
what an amazing idea
and what an accomplishment

Anonymous said...

Het ziet er erg goed uit op de foto's
Groeten Noud

Anonymous said...


Zoals je ziet is het me gelukt om de foto 's te bekijken. Erg indrukwekkend. Tot over 2 weken. Kan ik " the real thing "zien.

Anonymous said...


Ries heeft nu ook foto's gezien,
prachtig huis, maar vooral ook prachtige omgeving


Nellie en Ries

Anonymous said...

Yolanta Very beautiful and Healing wishing you much love and happiness - Marcia Gunzburg

Anonymous said...

I'm so excited for your new home, it looks lovely and so unique, how fun. Hope to get to see the finished product, I'll be back again. I like all the detailed pictures you've supplied. thanks 8o)

PS: What state are you in? The autumn trees are gorgeous, and so are your surroundings! Thanks


Chupacabra said...

The house looks awesome. What a lovely site for your home. Good luck. I will be watching your progess.

Anonymous said...


I met you at the P.Buckley Moss Museum in Waynesboro, VA. and loved your photos. Congratulations on your beautiful home.


Matthew said...

Wow, this is terrific! I keep staring at the Double Mulberry waiting for my chance to build one - you guys are making my dream home here!

Congrats and best of luck.

JenC said...

I found your site through the timberline geodesic domes 'scrapbook' page. We're just beginning to think about building a dome, and seeing all your photos is an inspiration.
Thanks for keeping up the great site.

Evie Stern said...

I can't wait to see it complete, and I love all the detail. You will have such a lovely view. I have been seaching the web for dome homes and I love looking at all the pic's of what people are doing.


Anonymous said...

It was great to see you. This is amazing. I'll stop down to see the progess soon.


Anonymous said...

In your "sad eyes" picture, I just see Darth Vader.

Anonymous said...

Many Thanks for the education, as well as sharing such beauty ~ I really hope you publish more. Oh, and the picture for your sis (non-detail) is great . . . but the details do make it more alive!

Many Blessing to you!

Carpe Pax Christu

Anonymous said...

Hallo Pieter en Jolanta,

Prachtige foto's van een uniek project. Veel succes met de verdere afbouw! Hopelijk volgen er nog veel meer foto's.

Jan en marijke Planken

Anonymous said...

Hope you are enjoying your home as much as my wife and I do ours. We just bought one last spring - It's a gorgeous home.

Matt & Debby of Michigan

Anonymous said...

hallo jolanta

het huis is wel erg gaaf hoor.
ik heb net met pieter de fotos bekeken

groeten henkjan en flora en pieter

Anonymous said...

Beste Pieter en Jolanta,
een prachtig huis.
Jammer dat dat zo maar niet in Nederland kan.
Als we nog eens in US komen, komen we live kijken.
Succes met de verdere afwerking.
Harrie Billekens

Anonymous said...

Kochani macie uroczy domek na skraju lasu. Życzę aby Wam dobrze służył i wszystkie fajne dni upływały w żółwim tempie, a złe zawsze Was omijały.

Kay said...

Your domes are gorgeous, looking forward to seeing more photos of the interior when you start framing. The surrounding site is beautiful!

We are building a concrete dome in central MO, come see our blog at . Love seeing more dome blogs out there!

Anonymous said...

Hej Jolanta i Pietruszka
Jestem pod wrazeniem. Nawet mama wdrapala sie do mnie na gore zeby obejrzec wasz domek. Bardzo mi sie podoba. Widoki tez. Mam nadzieje ze te zdjecia widokow z waszej gory zawisna na scianach - tylko trzeba miekkie ramki zeby sie wygiely na krzywiznie sciany. :) pozdrawiam

Frans Daniëls said...

Pieter en Jolanta,

Echt een heel mooi overzicht van de tot stand koming van de woning.
Indrukwekkend, zoals het is gegaan en het er nu uitziet.
Zelfs nog tijd gehad voor mooie sfeerfoto's. Het oog voor detail is gebleven.

Succes met de afwerking en dan de verhuizing. Wanneer???

Frans en Mieke,
the Netherlands

stugahtz said...

thank you for sharing!

Anonymous said...

great job folks..looking fwd to seeing more pics as you progress,your pics are telling a good story..tom

trina271 said...

Great job guys. I have to agree with Mathew you are building my dream home as well. I am also waiting for my opportunity to build one. But i think I may start with the Birch and add a second one later. Where are you located in virginia. I am located in DC and would love to see it personaly.

Jo Koenig said...

Congratulations Jolanta and Pieter,
Your new home is very beautiful. I love your photo's. They would make a great book! I hope you are enjoying a cosy winter finishing the inside of your domes.
I wish you health and happiness in your piece of heaven.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the pics. i own some land in british columbia, deka lake to be exact, and now i know exactly what i will build on it.

Gregory Lin said...

After seeing the web, I decide to build a Home dome for my vacation home.

How much will it cost totally to build a Double M.


Pieter said...


The cost will depend a lot on the level of finishing, how much of the work you will do yourself and the layout of walls and floors. I would say that a realistic cost level is $80 to $100 per square foot of floor space.

Hope this helps you and good luck,


Anonymous said...

Your domes are gorgeous,I will like to built one for myself I live in Romania(east Europe) and have same questions for you if you please tell me how much wood you put into it? like 2 by 4 or whatever size you used and an estimate quantities also for the plywood.What is the size of the house on ground floor and the second floor? Thank you very much.
Greetings from Romania..

Anonymous said...

sorry, i forget to leave my email adress for the above questions about the size of the house and quantities of wood used. Please use this email

Richard said...

What a great looking Dome - great job.

I'm considering whether to build a wooden dome home like yours or a concrete one. I live in Halifax Canada and have the same questions as Radu.

Can you please tell me how much lumber you put into your house (by size or square foot)? like 2x4, 2x6, ect., and quantities also for the plywood. Also the amount of roofing shingles or area covered by them, would be helpful

Basically I'm looking for the total cost broken down by category if you that information it would very much appreciated, making this decision is hard and any info you can give me will be very much helpful.


Anonymous said...

For anyone wanting more details on this dome and just great dome information visit which is where this dome was purchased. I am not the owner/builder but I know the design.

Anonymous said...

love it! am considering building a dome home on some mountain property in VA and your pics really helped me to envision what it would look like. can't wait to see pics of the interior.


Anonymous said...

Pieter & Jolanta;
Your dome(s) are looking beautiful. I hope you enjoy them every day as much as we have enjoyed ours for these many years.

So how's the roof holding up?

You visted our dome in PA late 2004, and since 24 years are up, we need a new roof. I was talking to Jerome this evening...your roof looks very nice- what type/brand/style of shingles did you use?

Alex & Kathy Cole

Wayne Timper said...

I helped build a wooden dome with my H.S. art teacher, Paul Vexler. The pents and hexes were flat, not triangulated, and on a much smaller scale. Your triangulation has my art/math skills kicking in after 34 years of graduating, and your pictures help to justify my calculations, but my drawings are still a work in progress.Keep up the great work, and best of luck on completion.

Betty said...

Your domes are beautiful. I own one in Annandale, VA and I love it but I am selling it because my husband and I split up so if you know of anyone who may be interested please contact me at Good luck on yours and enjoy. Betty Emmons

Anonymous said...

We have a few domes down here. I had a friend that once owned one. Very nice, I believe one stood up to Katrina on the MS coast.


Baton Rouge, LA

Anonymous said...

hey when can we see some more picts? i anxiously wait daily to see whats new! progress looks good so far.

Gerard Turk said...

Dag Pieter en Jolanta,

Mooie site en een bijzonder huis in wording! Dat is nog eens wat anders dan tunnels graven in Boston! Ben erg benieuwd hoe het verder gaat, keep up the picture posting!

Gerard Turk
Interbeton Dubai

Becky said...

I wrote you some time back re: your double mulberry. We are attempting to build one just south of Dallas. We finally found a contractor willing to build it but now we are having difficulty finding a company willing to offer a permanent mortgage due to not being able to find comparable appraisals. Any suggestions???? Help!!!

Becky said...

If you could respond to my question re: comps for permanent home mortgage I'd appreciate it. We can get a construction loan but having problems securing a permanent loan.


Pieter & Jolanta said...

Sorry Becky, I have no slitest idea.
P.S. TO ALL leave your e-mail if you want any response from us as this is not a discussion forum.

Cyphers said...

How long will it/did it take from start to finish? So awesome! Also, whereever you's gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

This is a big WOW!
what else can you say about it!

Anonymous said...

Could you email, like to ask you some question regarding this kit. I'll be ording mine soon.

Ieneke van Houten said...

I want one! Congratulations, it looks great. Where is it?
As Black Elk ( I think it was him) said: "There can be no power in a square." We spent two and a half years living in a tipi. The same space in a square would have driven us bonkers.
Ieneke van Houten

Dan said...

looks really good mate.
i look forward to doing the same as you guys one day. i'll be moving to somerset from london in a couple of weeks & will keep my eyes open for some land!
good luck with the rest of the project, Dan.

Greg Trent said...

Congratulations! My wife and I also built a Timberline. You can see it here
We spent 22 months looking for someone to give us the final mortgage. We were turned down by over 700 lenders. When you get ready for the mortgage, I would highly recommend this guy.
Jeff Clatterbaugh
Flagstar Bank
38200 W. 10 Mile Rd.
Farmington Hills, MI 48335
o: 248-341-9858
He made it quick, easy, and painless. We got a 30 year fixed at 6%.

Anonymous said...

amazing! awesome documentation.. very thorough. your dome looks awesome, as does your property!

jaci said...

I really would like to see more inside pictures of the finished home I am curious about fitting furniture into the spaces. I also wonder about getting bedroom furniture upstairs.
You've done a remarkable job. I would have to hire a contractor I'm sure.

Anonymous said...

Where you live and what you did is fascinating. It would be definitely worth it to follow your lead.

Anonymous said...

hi...congratulation to you guys jolanta and pieter..
i saw you from the new york times.
you've got a wonderful place to live means you are a wonderful couple too who shared your life and ideas together..
keep it up!!!
God bless you always...
Again congratulation and dream to have one in the future too...

Edward said...

Its good to see that you may be in action again.

I've missed the regular updates!

phil said...

i live in richmond va now id love to come see your dome i want to build one in the next year or two and would like to see one up close.

Anonymous said...

parabens pelo belo trabalho , e pela preocupaçao com o registro dos momentos, muito show , congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Simply a wonder to look at. - (The Dome Home AND that BEAUTIFUL scenery!) - You have done such an amazing job at walking us viewers through all the steps that go into building this wonderful alternative to the conventional type of house. I as well, appreciate all the time and effort that you've taken into sharing this with all of us. - Hats off to you. - Peace and many blessings to you and your family.

Anonymous said...

Hoi broer en schoonzus,

Ik dacht zal weer eens kijken hoe ver het met jullie huis gaat, nou prachtig hoor wat een project hoop het echt een keer in het echt te zien. Hier in Veldhoven is alles oke

Groetjes Ingrid Neggers

Anonymous said...

Hi! I just spent an hour talking to carol and john from my new home here in maine.. and looking at your entire website! Wow Wow You are Amazing! You should be so proud!, barbara

jim said...

I'm Jim Fuller and would like to come see your home. My cell # is 540-207-5725. My E mail address

Oleg said...

Wow! you guys did a lot of work and I think paid off for you handsomly. I love green building and hope to try my hand in this great new field.
All the best to you!

Cj - Brooklyn, NY said...

You are both an amazing inspiration. Thanks for sharing such a beautiful work of art. All the best and good luck!

Anonymous said...

Dear Pieter and Jolants, do you accept visitors?
My friend and I are in the Charlottesville, VA area and were just at Natural Bridge last week!
We would love to return to see your domehome, as we plan to build one ourselves.
If you are amenable to a couple of polite and non-intrusive visitors just wishing to look inside, we'd love to bring you something yummy to eat, afterall, we are both accomplished professional chefs.
Please reply to if we can arrange a short visit. We are available this coming Monday or Tuesday, Sept. 1 or 2, 2008.
Best regards and nice dome!
Suzan and Edward

Anonymous said...

I love your dome! Cant wait to see the interior. I have been wanting to build one since I was 16!!
Cheers and good luck!

sid_thefurball said...

why bamboo flooring?

andreea said... name is andreea(romania) and i want to build alone(not with the help of a company)a litle geodesic dome, but not like yours outside but more like under the ground,digging a holl in a hill and build there a dome.
Can you help me with more information about building this dome,like what materials do i need,what kind of wood is the best,how to build it etc
my email adresse is

andreea said... name is andreea(romania) and i want to build alone(not with the help of a company)a litle geodesic dome, but not like yours outside but more like under the ground,digging a holl in a hill and build there a dome.
Can you help me with more information about building this dome,like what materials do i need,what kind of wood is the best,how to build it etc
my email adresse is

Anonymous said...

Hi !
I would like to ask u some quaestion about your beautiful home. Im from Croatia.
Please contact me on this email :

Thank You !


Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing your life on the www. Amazing acomplishment blessings for your future.

Anonymous said...

I always wanted to build one of these, since I live in Florida and a dome would hole up well in a hurricane as well as minimize cooling costs in the summer. But WOW that looks like a lot of work compared to traditional constructino! The drywall job alone looks it would take an insane amount of time to do.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for an amazing walk through the project. It is magnificent, very well documented... I almost feel exhausted when I got to the end..... you had remarkable stamina and generosity to share it... Thanks

Anonymous said...

You are obviously doing a better job on yours than I did on mine... but hey, it was 1976, and I was 26 years old, and never built anything before. But so many of your pictures totally remind me of the experience. BRAVO ... you'll love it when finished. We still love ours after 30+ years.

carikim said...


mooncoach silvia pancaro said...

looking to build a dome home and you are such an inspiration. Thankyou

robin beaudin said...

Wow! I could feel the excitement and joy of it all, watching it appear! Loving the surrounding life .. I am thrilled for you in this..=) sweet! thanks for sharing..