Thursday, December 08, 2005

inside work

Preparing for the winter, by closing all door openings

Pieter started framing in the smaller dome
I am working on the insulation


Yep, it's winter


LJCohen said...


What a wonderful home! I enjoyed all your photos. Hope you are well.

Lisa (from BodyMind)

Anonymous said...

Hey Folks:

I really dig your creativity and detailed photos. I'm looking at building a modified greenhouse structure by clumping a few smaller domes together. Your pics definitely came in handy.



robin beaudin said...

OHHHHhhhh how exciting... lol I am living at the moment vicariously thru you... as this is to be someday a dream of my own.. to own a dome home! So watching the step by step procedure, and the joy of the nature around you.. how joyuos, this expression is! I am not a jealous person, but *grin* confess i am getting there! haha =)