Monday, May 21, 2007

Inside and out

Pieter's workshop is almost ready


Jolanta is busy experimenting with tapes and compounds

The supposedly best, Straitflex, is a pain to apply, stiff and does not want to stick to the "buttered" surface. I had to use spray to glue it.
Mesh is good, flexible and self adhesive.

More difficult connection

I use this tool to make nice corners and it works well on the multiple angles in one location.

The outside of the domes is backfilled.

The road is wider; too many trucks got stuck in the curve.

Now some gravel...

...person gets tired from all that work.

Here still lots of excavating to be done later.

Finally the siding!

The wood under the house-wrap was well protected over the winter.

Nice fella, not poisonous, eats mice and birds.


Anonymous said...

I think the snake was checking out what was happening in the neighborhood!!! Thank you for appreciating it.
And thank you for providing so many pictures. You guys are amazing, and I am exhausted just from looking. Has it truly been "easy for two people to construct?" I admire you!

robin beaudin 49713 said...

I agree with anonymous!! *grin* wishing i was younger and able to again do most on my own, but for now, just a dream of one day =) and yes.. thanks for appreciating the local inhabitants! =)