Sunday, July 08, 2007

Busy, busy

We finished the siding for the small dome. It almost looks like a barn!

Inside, the last sheetrock upstairs,


Bathroom with light tunnel and...

The toilet that is almost without all that funny stuff in the back! Trivial, only until you have to clean it.

The workshop area is progressing slowly,

First "corner" is done.

Window in the bedroom

With a little help from the truck

Now the front door


And together.

Absolutely worn out.....


Nicole said...
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robin beaudin 49713 said...

What a beautiful front door.. and oh what a sweet joy it is, watching windows appearing *gin* I am loving this 'trip' thru your excitement and advances of your home! Does the sun tunnel truly do a good job? I have seen them advertised and always think... I would love to give them a try.. but an worried about if it would leak or not..?