Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The first space is done

The garage is done...

Except for trimming, this will be done after the rest of building is finished.

Pieter is moving in.

Unpacking his pride and joy.

Too many pieces?

Just before the rain Pieter was able to finish the plastering.

Stone setting is precision work

Notice the "gravelshims"© (patent pending ;-))))))

Looking good,

This is going to be a root cellar!

This cocoon was apple green with golden dots! when we found it. Now it is black/beige, I wonder what the butterfly looks like.


Sabishy said...

Sorry for my english, i'm from Belarus.
In this year i begin to build the dome. Project of my house i made of myself.
If interesting, welcome:

Now i'm looking for money and materials to my dome..

LA said...

I'm interested in what progress you have made. Love it so far!