Saturday, December 15, 2007

We have heating!

Finally airco is connected

Stone elevation almost finished

Last piece of the wall

Painting the corridor in the small dome

Every triangle is painted in a different color

Pieter started insulation on the second floor (big dome)

Winter is upon us... only for a few hours

Christmas tree in Boston

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barbaram111 said...

Looking at the picture of the painted corridor, I breathed to myself, "Oh, how beautiful!" It's like a rainbow in the dappled sunlight and well worth the time you spent painting it! I've dreamed of living in a dome for years in the past, and know now I won't. However, I'm finally in the country with a river at the back of the property . . . heaven!! (Especially after 24 years in San Francisco -- yikes!!) All your work is SO impressive. Congratulations!