Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Yuuuuuupeee!!!!!! The kitchen

As intended


Team work

First 2 cabinets are in

Is it really straight?

The wall is almost done

Back side of the curve

and the front

Appliances installed



Opening for garbage disposal

Now the top layer


The countertop

Taking a little bit off of the corner


Elegant solution for the back of the sink

Looking good

Now we wait for the glass for the top cupboards and 
the 2 cabinets that will be covering the columns



Nicki said...

A pleasant holiday shopping season to you and your readers. Thanks for continuing these posts on your blog.

robin beaudin said...

ohhh sweeetttt.. the kitchen is almost done! How exciting for you and Pieter =)

Clarissa Hulet said...

This is so beautiful! I'm dreaming of having a dome home someday! Thanks for all the pics :)

Katie said...

I'm so curious how your home is coming along. I just LOVE it! I hope that one day, as soon as I have enough money to do it, I can build my very own Double Mulberry Dome Home. ^_____^

Escoce said...

Nice to watch this house being built. Are there any more forthcoming updates?

Kubbe Vezirleri said...

Thanks For Blog :)